Our Members Say (APSA)

“As an APSA member I’m proud to belong to the only UK body of professional sales agents covering sport, golf, outdoor, leisurewear, schoolwear and workwear. We all work alone so that sense of community is vital to us. Membership links us together, providing a shared forum and uniting us all”

James LawrenceBranded Sales

“APSA membership instantly tells brands and sports suppliers that I’m part of something bigger, an organisation that demands the highest standards of professionalism and adherence to a Code of Conduct. APSA promotes to businesses the clear commercial advantages and peace of mind that comes from hiring an independent APSA sales agent.”

Brian HutchinsonHutch Sports Agency

“As sales agents we have very specific insurance needs such as goods-in-transit and stock-in house cover. APSA has negotiated a competitive insurance package which I access through my membership giving me complete peace of mind knowing that all my needs are covered.”

Neil StaceyStacey Sports

“The regular newsletters I receive are tailored specifically to sports sales agents, often covering changes to Agency Law which I would otherwise have to search for. Alongside the exclusive members-only content on the APSA website, members are kept completely up-to-date with their industry’s news.”

Mike MorganMike Morgan Agencies

“Covid and Brexit combined have created a challenging and rapidly changing business environment for everyone. My membership means I’m part of the wider sporting goods industry as APSA belongs to a large family of sports associations who lobby Government on the issues affecting our sector. Being a member means that I am listened to and our sector has a voice.”

Rob GroomeRob Groome Agencies

“Being an APSA member gives me far greater confidence when approaching companies. I’m backed by a professional trade association whose members provide cost-effective solutions and a worldwide network of contacts without any of the headaches and costs often associated with salaried staff. My membership tells businesses I bring a wealth of knowledge of their customers, competitors and market.”

Mark FlemingMark Fleming Sales Agencies

“APSA partner with a wide range of leading experts in their field who offer either free or discounted benefits and services. Members can access a support helpline for business advice covering tax, VAT, payroll, Health & Safety and more and their partner Myerson also provide legal consultation and advice regarding agency disputes.”

Richard MorrisR8 Sports Agency

“APSA goes out of its way to promote its members via sports publications and websites, social media, exhibitions and the website which has APSA members’ contact details on for companies seeking agents. The reach of the Association is far greater than any one agent, so we’re marketed to businesses in a highly effective way throughout the UK.”

Rob LoweRobert Lowe Sports Agencies

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A national trade body representing play, sports and golf associations, the FSPA serves over 500 manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of sports and play equipment, clothing and apparel.