British Standards Institution

At the forefront of Industry Standards

We work with the British Standards Institution (BSI) – on BS and CEN product standard committees – to help shape current and future guidance and be at the forefront of new innovation and thinking in the sporting goods industry. Members input into the creation and review of those documents which affect their industry.

Below are the sections members can contribute to. Log in or Become a Member to learn more.

Children’s playground equipment

Under the Standards Policy and Strategy Committee, is responsible for the UK input to CEN/TC 136/SC1 (and liaison with SW/136 & WGs) and for the preparation of British Standards for Children’s Playground Equipment.

Sports, playground and other recreational equipment

Under the direction of the Standards Policy and Strategy Committees, is responsible for the UK input to CEN/TC 136 and ISO/TC 83 standards for sports, playgroup and recreation equipment.

Clothing sizing systems

Under the direction of TCI/66 is responsible for the UK input into ISO/TC 133.

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A national trade body representing play, sports and golf associations, the FSPA serves over 500 manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of sports and play equipment, clothing and apparel.